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We have big needs in webmarketing and digital positions.

If you’re a native of one of the countries we’re already present in and you want to join us to generate more traffic and revenue on our websites (webmarketing, PR, SEO, community-management, etc.), we would love to get to know you. We flexible: part-time and remote collaboration can be considered.

If we are not yet available in your country and you would like to contribute launching it, please contact us. If we think you’re the right person, we might say yes. Though here you absolutely need to be with us in Paris, at least for the first couple of weeks.

Designers and developers can apply at any time.


No position available at the moment.


Webmarketing (French only)

Last update: November 18th, 2015.

  • Entrepreneurial minded and flexible (in every sense: hours, tasks, responsibilities), we move fast.

  • You have or want to develop a large set of skills. Let’s say you’re in charge of launching a new country: you’ll be responsable for PR, filling the database, translating the website, contacting local B2B partners, adapting our branding and gather early adopters, just for starters! We appreciate any specialty, though you’ll most likely work on many tasks.

  • Think international! Good English is mandatory. Other languages are greatly appreciated. Have you ever lived abroad? Make sure to let us know when applying. French is a plus but not mandatory.

  • Good written ability (in your native language at least).

  • The more internet addicted, the better. You’ve launched a personal website/blog? Tell us about it.

  • We consider EVERY academic or professional background. We really like unusual profiles.

  • People from any country. We’ve launched our service in different countries. You could work either on one existing country or launch a new one. Don’t hesitate to offer your skills: if we think you’re the right person, even though we did not plan to launch in a specific country, we might say yes!

  • People willing to work in Paris, unless you freelance. Part of our team is now spread all over the world, but most of us started in Paris.

  • Any question before applying? Feel free: or call us at +33 1 83 64 47 95.

    1. Send us your resumé/CV by email at

    When sending us an email, please include the details requested in the Advice section below. Follow them carefully (among others, no cover letter and please specify your availability dates), that will make it easier for us.

    2. If we like what you sent us, we’ll let you know in less than a week, and we’ll set up a meeting (either in our offices in Paris or by Skype / phone if you are far). When talking about time slots for the interview, please specify them using Paris timezone to avoid confusion. At this point, we’ll most likely ask for your references; have them ready!

    3. We’ll either book a second and final interview a couple of days later or wish you good luck in your search in case you don’t fit the profile.

    In total, the process won’t last more than a month.

    If you are French, apply/write in French; otherwise, English is the right choice.

    Please follow our advice, otherwise you most likely won’t receive an answer from us.

  • Concerning cover letters. 95% of what we receive is a generic boring one you’ve already sent to tens of other companies. Unless you have a very relevant experience to what we do and that will add value to your application, we’re totally OK to not receive it – save us from this.

  • Send us just a quick email with your resumé enclosed and a few lines answering the bullet points below. Really simple, 5-10 lines maximum.

  • Tell us about your availability. Available right now, next January? Until when? Is there a minimum or a maximum period required by your university?

  • Tell us about the kind of contract you are looking for. Internship, freelance, permanent or temporary contract (CDI/CDD), apprentissage/alternance/professionalisation (France specific).

  • Tell us about which specific position you’re applying for. If it’s non-specific, just say you could help us in area X or country Z.

  • Please don’t send us your Word resumé. PDF is so much better, don’t you think?

  • Any link to your social media profiles (LinkedIn...) will be appreciated.

  • Do you have any achievements you are proud of? A personal project that is online (and OK to show us): please send us links, that’s absolutely a big plus. Did you build a website (for yourself or others)? Do you have a blog? Did you create some videos? Do you have some designs (portfolio)? Articles you published? Definitely send us links.

  • You’re a designer/graphic designer/webdeveloper: please give us links to your website(s) or portfolio, otherwise we won’t consider your application. It's not our only criteria (and you should definitely read this), but still an important one.

  • Don’t forget to tell us about your unique experiences, interests. We don’t care that you play tennis or visited the UK but we’d love to know you have a blog about shoes or tried to set up a newspaper in college.

  • Why you? What makes you different? Take a look around here: effort is always very appreciated.

  • Spontaneous applicants: don’t hesitate, we’ll gladly consider you and we might find a common interest. If we don’t have a position available now, we’ll keep your CV for later.

  • Happy application!